Practice Areas:

      The firm practices all the legal services in relation with all the commercial, economic, civil and administrative activities which are related with all the fields of specialization. We also present the legal consults by specialized counselors whether employees or cooperated counselors with our office in all legal fields. We also practice the different cases and claims from the investigation procedures in criminal cases to attending in courts and judicial committees for different claims. Undertaking representing companies, establishments or individuals before all courts and judicial committees  in Saudi Arabia which include:

1) Public Courts.

2) Partial Courts.

3) Different Departments , penalties , Administrative and commercial in

    Complaints Department.

4) Primary Committees for settling labor disputes.

5) Supreme Committee for settling labor disputes.

6) The Banking Committee reporting to Saudi Arabian Monetary


7) The committees of settling the disputes of commercial documents.

8) The Arbitration Authorities.

The following we would in brief present services being offered by the firm:

First: Formulation & Drafting all types of contracts:

      We present the legal and Sharea’a consultative services in relation with the different types of contracts and dealings. Also, we study the commercial contracts, exclusive agencies for international companies, distribution contracts and privilege contracts. We also present advices in relation with auditing and organizing the writing of those contracts. All that is under the regulations and decisions related to the local laws in effect in K.S.A., and under the international regulations and laws of the international trade and the innovated regulations and in the light of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joining WTO (World Trade Organization).

Second: Commercial Papers:

      When we talk about commercial papers (checks, vouchers and promissory notes) we approach an important side  related to the dealings made by a large number of the members of any civilized civil community and the establishments an     d the companies working on it as well. Our office devoted priority to this important side. The most important services we present in this field are:

1)  Introducing advice and indicating the best way for dealing with commercial papers. Starting from writing them and ending with the correct procedures to fulfill the right through them.

2) Making claims at the concerned authorities, and following them up until implementing and fulfillment.


Third: Protecting Intellectual property:

       In the light of technical progress and the simultaneous and rapid changes which prevailed all over the world. Protecting the intellectual, artistic and literary ownership became so important. For that it became the essence of our attention and keenness to present the necessary legal services related to this side, and upon that we present the following services in relation with this field:

1) Introducing advice on all what is related to the ways of registering and protecting the intellectual ownership (Composing and publishing - trade marks – Invention patents – Artificial Models – Trade Names – Composing and publishing rights – Computer Applications Program).

2)  Registering and protecting the intellectual ownership in different forms.

3)  Submitting the complaints to the concerned governmental authorities in case of refusal of request, and making the complaints claims against the concerned administrative bodies.

4)  Making claims and suing in the cases in which there is a violation by others to the intellectual ownership, and following them up at all the concerned authorities until settling them with a decisive decision.


Fourth: Real Estates:

In relation with the real estates, in general:

      The resident of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feels the consequent developments and changes and new regulations related to the real estates inside the kingdom.  Among these regulations (regulation of dispossession from real estates for the public interest – regulation ownership of housing units and selecting them – regulation of the Non-Saudi possession of real estates and benefiting from it) Therefore, and emerging from the importance of the real estates and related regulations. It is necessary to present legal and Sharea’a services depend on specialization and experience which are the basis of dealing in this side to ensure maintaining the private rights. Among those services we present are:

1)  Formulation construction and execution agreements, engineering supervision contracts, the contracts of designing centers and buildings in the form thatensures achieving protecting the interests of both parties of the contract.

2)  Formulation sale, renunciation and lease Contracts.

3)  All litigation and claims in relation with restoring rights that are represented usually in this side by restoring the real estate from tenant or the owner by seisin, or claiming the value of selling or renting of that real estate.

Regarding to Lands, in particular:

      We practices all claims related to lands & property, either against persons in public courts or against different governmental authorities in Administrative Court. We claim restoring those lands for the interest of our clients or compensating for them or benefiting from them by the seisin. Practicing claims related to real estates in K.S.A. has a special feature and it is sensitive. It requires an accumulative knowledge of procedural details and historical background. That can’t be achieved but through continuous practice and accurate observation.

Fifth: Insurance:

      Insurance covers most sides of our daily life inside K.S.A. either in the personal or commercials or others. In the light of the extension and the increase in the number of licenses given to companies to work in this field, we view that it is necessary to endeavor for presenting legal services depends on specialization to ensure the private rights of the parties of these contracts. Among those services we present:

1)  Revising contracts and insurance policy held by companies or held by individuals to reach a form and a legal and Sharea’a frame ensures the rights of each party.

2) Presenting the consultations in the disputes resulting from implementing insurance contracts in relation with the contents of these contracts.

3)  Claiming at the concerned authorities against the uncommitted parties, for the interest of the injured party whether individual or company.


Sixth: Disputes between the administrative authority’s and individuals, companies,  establishments:

      We have vast legal experience in this field and we introduce the different legal consultations regarding to it. We also prepare the complaints from the administrative decisions and following them up. Undertaking the administrative claims against all the different administrative authorities. Whether related to the administrative decisions and disputes between the administrative authority and individuals or employees.  

Seventh: Labor and laborers:

      It is known for all the importance of this range and its significance to millions of laborers in companies and establishments in all countries of the world. And emerging from this importance we dedicated beside labor's regulations expertise and efficient staff to deal with it. This is due to many reasons. The most important is that those concerned whether laborers, companies or establishments form a large percent of any society. Therefore, the services we introduce in this field are in the following:

1)  Regarding the companies and establishments in K.S.A. , we prepare the regulations of organizing work inside the companies and establishments after studying the conditions of the company or the establishment and its needs and capabilities and then approving and affirming those regulations from the ministry of labor and social affairs.

2)  Making the administrative and organizational structures and the functional description, the ladder and the functional cadres and setting the policies of salaries and rewards.

3) Writing contracts of labor in the form that ensures the labor relationship between the laborer and his company or establishment to know his rights , duties and commitments towards the employer.

4)  Introducing the legal consultative services regarding the labor disputes. starting from reviewing them and investigating them by the labor office and litigation by the supreme committee after either of the claim parties or both of them appealed.


Eight: Companies and establishments:

      The legal consultations we present to the companies and establishments vary to include all fields of regulations. Starting from its deals and structuring and re-structuring it and conglomerating companies. We also, practice the works of establishing companies with different types, whether they are Saudi or within the range of the foreign investment system.

Ninth: Arbitration

      Arbitration became the most important means of settling disputes on the local aspect in K.S.A. Because the existence of the system that regulates and organizes that part helps in approving it in many contracts held between individuals and companies and establishments. This has a great effect in settling many disputes without resorting to litigation. ِAs we observed the great tendency to approve arbitration as a reference for settling many disputes. We endeavored to attract many approved arbiters by ministry of Justice in K.S.A. to be in our office whether full-time or part-time members.

Tenth: Evaluating and Counting the legacies and the inherits claims:

      These issues are among the important Sharea’a issues. This leads us to introduce this service in cooperation with honorable scientists of Islam. Who are specialized in jurisprudence and have scientific and practical experiences based on the jurisprudence (law) followed in this respect.

Eleventh: Criminal Litigation:

      We introduce the legal consultations in all the criminal law concerned. And we make the different types of criminal claims. Supported by specialized legal counselors from bribe , forgery and embezzlement cases and all money-aggression cases ending with self-aggression cases. And we also present consultations on the procedural aspect of all problems of criminal claims and appealing procedures and the provisions and appointments organizing that.

Twelfth :Registering Commercial Agencies:

      The office registers agencies in the concerned authorities. And we present specialized consultations in all what is related to the works of registering. Supported by counselors specialized in accomplishing these works accurately and so rapidly.



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