Firm Profile:

     We believes that the mission of advocacy firms in all over the world is not limited only to suing in courts and trying to get the sentences and decisions issued, but exceeded that to be a commitment entails from the beginning constant principles for dealing. Which is contains honesty and transparency from the firm. Along with satisfaction by the client. Regardless the result as long as its theme was duly approached and tackled and as it was supposed. This is supported by the necessity of a perfect knowledge of the procedural aspects which we always view it as important as the legal texts and its importance as related to each claim or case. Specially in our Arab World. Above all, the knowledge of the shortest ways of reaching the required result Once it is possible to reach it.

     We believes in Specialization. Even in dividing works among our employees who are a staff of enthusiastic young men with various degrees of experience. Supported by a qualified staff of great lawyers, legal counselors and specialized law professors in different legal fields.

     We have clients, whom we are basically related with honesty. This relation that would not be formed unless there were a communication based on the accomplishments achieved in reality which they actually feel and see. Along with method of dealing emerging from transparency combined with confidence.

     All our clients are alike. Regardless their social, cultural or scientific prestige or any other manifestations of differentiation. We take extreme pride in that we undertake the great legal cases. In which claims amount to Millions of Saudi Riyals. At the same time, we deal with very minor cases in which claims donít exceed tens thousand. This variety is mainly due to that our principle is integration in introducing services to our clients. We believe that the procedural experience is very important. Besides, the effective communication with everywhere to settle disputes. That is our target and aim.

     Our ambitions are vast and big. Emerging from our motivation and eagerness for creativity and accomplishment in our specialization. Extending to promote this and give information about it to allow everyone having a legal unsolved problem benefit from that wherever this is available.


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